Guided tour

Thanks to self-guided tour information brochures and maps, visitors can easily follow the itinerary at their own pace. Nevertheless, it is also possible – for a fee – to opt for a guided tour. On a daily basis, we provide two different 2,5-hour tours led by licensed professional guides specialized in the Verona Minor Hierusalem itinerary:

MORNING (10 am – 12.30 pm)
Itinerary 1: the tour starts from Ponte Pietra, and includes the visit to Santi Siro e Libera, Santa Maria in Organo, and San Giovanni in Valle.

AFTERNOON (2:30 pm – 5 pm)
Itinerary 2: the tour starts from Ponte Pietra, and includes the visit to Santi Siro e Libera, Santo Stefano e San Giorgio in Braida.

The cost is a €115 flat fee (as per the official Verona Tour Guides tariff schedule), with a minimum of 12 people to the groups. The fee is to be paid directly to the tourist guide provided by Verona Minor Hierusalem. The cost is to be proportionally divided among the number of participants, up to a maximum of €10 per person in case of a 12-people group.

To book a guided tour please send an email to: or visit the Infopoint in San Pietro Martire Church (address: via Sant’Alessio 34). In order to avoid overcrowding, external organised tour groups must communicate the day and time of their visit and their own guide’s name by phone at +39 342 1820111.


Unlike more touristic sites, the churches in the itinerary are active houses of worship and therefore Verona Hierusalem Minor must respect their schedules. During religious holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, the churches might be closed for touring. Only Santi Siro and Libera Church – not a working religious institution – will always be visitable, as no worship services are held there.