The itinerary “Rebirth from Water. Verona Beyond the River” also lends itself well to the experience of urban pilgrimage. The visitor is thus invited to cross the river Adige and enter a Little Jerusalem with the spirit of the ancient pilgrims, who combined thirst for knowledge and desire for discovery, and step by step, live an experience of purification and rebirth.

The 3.5 km loop – partly level terrain, with some slightly steeper sections – and the seven churches where to stop for a short moment of recollection, offer the visitor an occasion for spiritual meditation and cultural enrichment.

Visitors thus become ‘pilgrims’, and as such they are given the VMH credential notebook. They join one of the groups (maximum 60 people) who, once a month, spends the whole day (9.15 am – 7.30 pm) in the Verona Minor Hierusalem, led by both a spiritual assistant and a tour guide.

A donation for the sustainability of the project is welcome.

For information and to register for urban pilgrimages, send an email to: visite@veronaminorhierusalem.it