San Benedetto al Monte


Between the Capitolium and the Mount of Piety

The church of San Benedetto al Monte was erected near the Roman forum of the city, right next to the Capitolium, so much so that the perimeter of the Romanesque crypt was built against the substructures of the Roman building. It took the name ‘al Monte’ in the modern age, due to its proximity to the Monte di Pietà, or Mount of Piety, a charity pawnbroker. From authentic documents we know that the church was already standing around the year 1000 and that it became a parish in 1336. It was most probably almost entirely rebuilt in 1617, but the apse still preserves fragments of a pictorial decoration by the workshop of Giovanni Badile. The 11th century Romanesque crypt has been the subject of a recent conservative intervention and shows possible Lombard influences. Some Roman remains are still visible: a small portion of the Capitolium supporting base, reclaimed materials from the same building and a funerary stone. From 1907 to 1912 the rector of the church was Saint Giovanni Calabria.

The Church of San Benedetto al Monte is part of the itinerary “Rebirth from Earth. Verona, crossroads of civilizations, history and culture” and the entrance to the church is guaranteed by the Verona Minor Hierusalem volunteers.

Opening times: Saturday from 10.00am to 5.00pm;
Mass scheduleSaturday Mass 5.30pm; Sunday Mass 10.30am-5.30pm;
Address: vicolo Monte 10, 37121 Verona (Map)