Rebirth from Heaven

The third VMH itinerary, called “Rebirth from Heaven. From the testimony of Saints to Mozart’s music“, invites pilgrims and visitors to discover the churches located in the multicultural district known as Veronetta: Santa Toscana, Santa Maria del Paradiso, San Tommaso, San Paolo and SS. Nazaro and Celso.

Thanks to this entirely new route, tourists and visitors will step into medieval times, discovering the charm of the Templars and walking down the same streets that led pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem to stop in Verona. They will visit Santa Toscana church, originally called S. Sepolcro, where pilgrims walking along the nearby Via Postumia could find accommodation and food; Santa Maria del Paradiso, nestled in the city alleys and unknown to the Veronese themselves, that houses one of the most interesting reliquaries in Europe, with thousands of finds for the devotion of the faithful; Santi Nazaro e Celso, with the splendid chapel of San Biagio and valuable pictorial works by great 16th century artists.

From the middle ages, on to the Renaissance: visitors will discover San Tomaso Cantuariense, that holds the 18th-century organ that a very young Wolfang Amadeus Mozart played during a visit to Verona, and that still shows the musician’s initials engraved in the wood.

The itinerary also includes the church of St. Paul the Apostle, located inside the university area. The church was rebuilt after the bombardments of the Second World War, but it is still possible to see the beautiful altarpiece by Girolamo dei Libri, and a chapel with paintings by Paolo Veronese, Farinati and Bonsignori.

Rebirth from Heaven” will be a journey into history and traditions, such as that of the Order of Templars, custodians of the faith, or the great genius Mozart and his music, or the amazing reliquary that concentrates in one place the memory of thousands of saints. It will be like discovering the journey that man makes from earth to heaven: if on earth travellers are supported by true faith and inspired by art, once in heaven, they will reach their destination. Heaven, inhabited by saints and by Christian men and women who, with their example, have guided the faithful to live and keep their faith. Heaven, the celestial city, the longed for Jerusalem, where total peace reigns and God is the “all in all” (1Co 15,28).

Experts and artists are already working to create materials that will help visitors and pilgrims to discover the beauties of the third itinerary.